Ripple the sea, strength of the tide
I lost control, I wouldn't hide
from the beauty of angels and bread on the hearth
I'd let you feed me, and give you my heart
from the fire that burned in me that I saw in your eyes
an impish grin, and tears to cry

now my wife, now my happiness, always my love, always my love

in the willow that bends in the wind, in the river that runs to the sea
in the story you don't want to end, for you and for me
precious the vessel, precious the water
precious the flame, precious the daughter
whose hand I will take and together we'll step
with each other through the world and without regret

now my wife, now my happiness, always my love, always my love


from Everybody All Together, released January 31, 2013



all rights reserved


I Ching Quartet Chicago, Illinois

I Ching Quartet is a group of core song writers and a cast of collaborating musicians. The group currently features pedal steel, french horn, upright bass, banjo, accordion, ukulele, percussion, guitar and lush vocal harmonies. Their original compositions reflect the music they love: soul, country, blues and folk. They have played and recorded in Chicago since 2006. ... more

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