There is a lighthouse and a lighthouse keeper
holding the space between the land and the sea
On the land, with logic and figures,
stable the dwellings and the picture of light with the ground beneath your feet

Therein lies the difference between the land and the sea
there in my tempest I learned how to be
a keeper of my own

Once I had eyes, fixed on the lighthouse
but before I could land was arrested by tempest
And she was my keeper, kept by the sea
I tried to use mind, but tempest won't reason
I tried with my body to force her submission
I held to the light, to steady my mission
but tempest she pounded, and my heart resounded

ohh, empty, and stretched to the thin
surrender, surrender
I gave her my surrender

Let go of my mind, which in fury was taken
with my body to the edge, and thrown in prostration
to the mercy of the sea, and the torrent of my tempest to be
where I gave up the light, gave up my light as well
I gave her my light, gave up my light as well

ohh, wouldn't you believe
my light had calmed her
and melted the fury of the sea


from Everybody All Together, released January 31, 2013



all rights reserved


I Ching Quartet Chicago, Illinois

I Ching Quartet is a group of core song writers and a cast of collaborating musicians. The group currently features pedal steel, french horn, upright bass, banjo, accordion, ukulele, percussion, guitar and lush vocal harmonies. Their original compositions reflect the music they love: soul, country, blues and folk. They have played and recorded in Chicago since 2006. ... more

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